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11 Plus English

At Secondary Entrance we believe 11 Plus English should be practiced in a written format. This provides all the skills in a child’s development in mastering the English language.

About Our 11 Plus Papers:

Our question style is in written format, but is easily applicable to the 11 Plus CEM Verbal Reasoning style, which contains passages from grammar assessment, which our sample essays can be used for. Furthermore, our comprehensions contain a mix of multiple choice and short answer questions, exposing your child to all style of 11 plus English assessment.

Through understanding how to construct a sentence and a story, a child may in turn decipher each nuance within a comprehension, and understand word meaning within various contexts.


11 Plus Syllabus

  • Each 11 Plus English paper contains one full length comprehension with sub questions (varying from 8-10) depending on the difficulty. 
  • Each 11 plus paper also contains a title for a written task that should be completed, with an accompanying exemplar answer to give an idea of an outstanding answers to each question.
  • Comprehensions adopt a number of articles styles including fiction, blog, newspaper article and science.
  • Our 11 plus comprehensions contain the most comprehensive answer schemes on the market, giving in depth reasons to questions, therefore reinforcing knowledge for your child, regardless of whether they got the wrong or right.

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