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11 Plus Maths

Our 11 Plus Maths papers, at their core, cover all aspects of the national syllabus for 11 year olds. Therefore these papers are suitable for CEM, GL and even independent school exams.

About Our Papers:

Our Maths paper covers all aspects of the core principles of the 11+ syllabus, and questions have been adapted to contain 1,2 or sometimes even 3 different syllabus points.

  • Our questions attempt to provide as many real world problems as possible, to allow a child to understand the context behind why they do questions.
  • In total our papers contain over 1000 images, tables and a variety of graphics to familiarise your child effectively for the variety and breadth of 11+ assessments.
  • Questions may contain unfamiliar maths that draw on core principles of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction to provide the ‘challenging’ questions experience schools use to pick out exceptional candidates.

Maths sample paper for 11+ exams

Maths sample paper for 11+ exams 


Each paper contains 40 multiple choice option and you can expect each of our papers to ask questions on the following:

  • Measurements of scale
  • Rounding
  • Volume
  • Mean, median and range
  • Indices and prime numbers
  • Percentages
  • Classification trees
  • Sequences of numbers
  • Number manipulation
  • Functions
  • Number sets
  • Remainders and their application in real world problems
  • Monetary Change
  • Navigation along a path using various concepts
  • Divisions
  • Dealing with tables
  • Shapes and their area and perimeter
  • Graphs and their direct interpretation
  • Lines of symmetry and rotational symmetry
  • Coordinates and maps
  • Fractions
  • Shading and Percentages
  • Pie charts
  • Algebra
  • Multiplication
  • Probability
  • Folding a net
  • Decimals
  • Distance, speed and time.
  • Spatial perception
  • Negative number and magnitude
  • Exchange rates, numbers or objects
  • Image and number puzzles
  • Angles
  • Clocks and times
  • Additions
  • True or false statements
  • Ordering, permutations and combinations.

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