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11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning

Our free 11 plus Non-Verbal Reasoning papers have been designed by our question writers to test a vast variety of different patterns, to stretch even the most able of students for the independent school 11 plus exam.

About Our 11 Plus Papers:

Our 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning papers are consistent in logic with both the GL, CEM format and Independent 11 Plus School papers. All answers are multiple-choice from 5 options and are designed to be challenging, but for your child to have ample time to answer them all.

The questions in each 11 plus paper use a wide variety of different possible patterns and trends throughout so that by the time your child completes them all, they will have covered the majority of what could possibly be thrown at them in the 11 plus exam.


Our 11 Plus Syllabus

Each 11 plus paper contains 25 non-verbal reasoning questions, containing variants of all of the following 8 11 plus questions types:

  • Transformations of one pattern to another (all 11 plus exams)
  • Finding the odd pattern out in 5 options (all 11 plus exams)
  • Rotations of images (all 11 plus exams)
  • Codes and patterns (all 11 plus exams)
  • Completing a progressive sequence (all 11 plus exams)
  • Completing an array of 9 squares (all 11 plus exams)
  • Homologues and associations between patterns (all 11 plus exams)
  • Folding nets (all 11 plus exams)

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