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11 Plus Revision Timetables

Let us help you and your child get organised for the 11 plus exam. We want to make sure that they are ready to tackle these exams.

What Makes an Effective 11 Plus Revision Schedule?

A little a day goes a long way. Equally, it is important for your child not to burn-out by working too hard, too soon. Our revision schedules are sensible, effective and integrate healthy supplements to your child's learning for the 11 plus exams.

12 Months Before the 11 plus exams...

11+ Training Tests

We recommend this schedule for those with a year to go before their exam, and is not too intensive at all. It covers three 11 plus tests in a week, and 'break-days' have a single slot to mark the previous day's paper and go over any incorrect answers.

The 31-Day 11 plus Revision Challenge

11+ Training Tests

Finding a good revision routine is difficult, and your child will need to do preparation on top of 11 plus practice tests. This schedule slowly increases the amount of daily work on three preparatory activities: mental maths, spelling and book reading.

In the Run-Up: Intense Learning

11+ Training Tests

It is crucial that your child does not experience burn-out, however in the final weeks their preparation will amplify. They should never sit more than two tests in a day, and our routine demonstrates the healthy way to handle the final stretch.

Holiday Revision: Blank Timetable

11+ Training Tests

It goes without saying that you know your child best, and so you may wish to create your own custom timetable for your child to work through. The working hours are limited to between 8am and 4pm, as your child is used to school hours.

Download Revision Timetables

Please feel free to download and print off the schedule that works for you. Different schedules are appropriate for different stages of your child's preparation, and there is no single correct routine. You know your child best, and so you may wish to use our blank template to craft your own work schedule instead.

12 Months Before...








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