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Are you a parent worried about independent school 11+ exams?

We offer the highest quality, most affordable independent school 11+ practice papers on the market, printed and hand-delivered to your doorstep. Get an extra step ahead with our tutoring services and bank of free resources!

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High quality, challenging 11 plus questions for the 4 core subjects. Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning.

  • We have created thousands of 11 plus independent school questions written by those who sat the exams themselves, providing realistic experiences to help prepare your child better than ever before.

What makes our 11 plus questions special?

  • Each paper begins at a simple level to help familiarise your child with our content. As your progress through the 11 plus pack, the questions will increase in difficulty and gradually challenge your child, and to help them reinforce understanding for the 11 plus exam.
  • Each paper covers a question from each point in our bespoke 11 plus syllabus, therefore exposing your child to a massive array of question types and styles.
  • Each paper contains a small number of ‘challenging’ questions to truly stretch your child, as we believe a child, through being constantly challenged, will not only identify their own weaknesses and strengths, but also reinforce good learning habits, and wean out bad ones.
  • They are written by those with first-hand experience in sitting the 11+ and doing exceptionally well in the exam itself, therefore mirror the difficulty of the exam, and have questions to challenge even the most capable of students.

Why are your papers not specific to an 11 plus syllabus?

At their core, all examinations test a child’s ability to recall, understand and apply information in a given context. Our questions assess all of their areas, ensuring your child receives the breadth of experience in all areas of assessment that they need to not only pass the 11+, but to achieve truly exceptional results.

At Secondary Entrance we believe in teaching your child the core principles of 11 plus primary school education, which through practice and development, results in your child being able to tackle any problem they are faced with, regardless of the style or format of the exam. Our papers have taken into account question types and styles of all examinations for 11+, and have unified these into one, simple syllabus.

Which Schools Are Our 11+ Past Papers Suitable For?

If you're applying for any Independent School in the UK, Wales or Scotland, our resources are designed specifically for you.
Many candidates for the CEM and GL style 11+ Grammar School examinations have also found certain books of ours extremely useful to them.
Use the alphabet dropdown below to find the school you're hoping to enter your child for - if it's there, you can be assured that our papers will help your child. This list of schools is non exhaustive - if you can't find the school of your choice, or aren't sure if it's for you, please contact us and we can help.
11+ Training Tests
Why Us?
  • We know what it’s like being 11+ students – we were there not too long ago ourselves.
  • We know it can be frustrating to get your child to do work – we’ve been those children.
  • We know that what they need is a clean and simple learning system that’s easy and effective to follow.
  • We know how important a good school is for their future and we want them to get there.

We're here to help. We've organised everything you'll need. Let us take you from the start to the finish...

Meet Our Team

Our team comprises of question writers, editors and directors. We’ve pulled through the same exams that your child is about to sit, attended competitive state, grammar and private schools and now study some of the hardest courses at Universities that rank in the top 10 in the world. But there’s a bit more to us…

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